My Journey

My journey with yoga began 9 years ago during a time when I felt an immense amount of anxiety. A time when I was searching for solace in what felt like a constant battle to live up to some invisible expectation. Trying desperately to "get it right" in this life + exhausting all my efforts to fit in, Yoga was an invitation into the gateway of my own acceptance + personal healing. Like so many of us, I've spent much of my time searching for inner peace through external sources: distraction, addictions + validation which has only ever brought me back to same feeling of emptiness. In a way, I came to this practice searching for another teacher. Another instruction manual or set of answers, And what I really found was myself. 

Yoga is described as a union-Uniting mind, body + spirit, thus bringing us closer to the person we truly are. I believe that through clearing our bodies’ congestion, deep listening to our higher selves + consistent practice, we may experience more freedom, joy, clarity + peace. Honoured to be on this journey with you.



Registered Yoga Teacher | ERYT  

Meghan Currie 200 hour YTT, Nicaragua 2014

Meghan Currie Intrinsic Genius 300 hour YTT, Nicaragua 2016

Yoga Mentorship Program with Susie Newson, Kelowna 2016

Reiki Training with Claudia Martinez, Nicaragua 2016

Trauma Informed YTT with Yoga Outreach, Vancouver 2018