Learning to listen...


Recently, I've been remembering to take sweet time with self to nourish, soothe and protect what's most sacred. Taking time for quality rest, to go inward + listen to what my body is truly communicating + wishing for me to hear.  

I find that it's so easy to get caught up in the hamster wheel of the external world. To become wrapped up in the noise and the expectations of how we ought to love + give outwardly. Spinning inside the questions of "is this enough?" "Am I loving enough?" "Do I really know how to give + is this offering any true value?" "Where is this all going?" "What will they think of me?" The list goes on... Comparing, projecting + questioning if what we are giving is worthy. Constantly wrapped up in the output, and then feeling the depletion that comes from giving over sacred energy to thoughts that sap it + leave the body, mind + spirit drained of it's resources. 

The question I constantly come up against is this: How do we love + serve + do our work while staying deeply inside of ourselves? Without giving too much where it's not needed. Without wearing ourselves thin + then resenting the relationships or passions that bring us true joy. We hear the cliches of getting "lost in love" or "swept off our feet" or we see constantly the cyclical patterns of becoming so entangled in the doing + the working + the giving that we become burnt out, bitter, + absolutely run down by the egos identification with what is "enough". 

What I am learning, is that to navigate inside healthy relationships or to give from an abundant space requires that we understand our own inner workings. That we can identify when the tank is running on empty and is asking for an inward reboot. That we can listen from a deep source within + honour what is being communicated to us, rather than falling victim to the pressure of the "ought". That we can respectfully build a boundary where it's needed. Noticing where we might be getting caught up in another person's experience while further neglecting our own. Simply put, that we put ourselves first. That we love + respect ourselves enough to hear what we need to hear + take what we need so that we may continue to lead our lives from a place of deep rooted truth + balance. 

More often than not, the answers that we seek are not so far away. They're not to be found in another human, another text, another external source. The body is constantly communicating what we need to hear. Soft as a whisper. From inside out. 

So go inside. seek refuge + retreat in your heart. Listen to it, develop a relationship with the subtle aspects of your experience which are nudging you to where you really need to be. Your energy is sacred. Your offerings are worthy + necessary, and they absolutely require that your cup is full + your heart is strong. Get quiet with yourself, hear the whisper of your soul navigating you to the truest of truths. Receive yourself so that you may truly know how to give. 


Love yourself up today. xo