A Heart Cleanse.



I've taken a bit of a social media cleanse to get real + to get anchored into my heart once again. I've used this tool for many great reasons but to be perfectly honest, as of late it's felt more like a tool of distraction + a catalyst for heightened anxiety for me. It's been a way for me to compare my life to others + look for all the ways I just might not be measuring up. It's reinforced unhealthy mind habits during a sensitive time that requires heart space. Every time I'd scroll through a feed I'd get this looming feeling that the world is spinning so fast, information flooding us from all angles and I'm not sure that I can keep up. Sounds extreme but it really has schooled me and reminded me where my peace really comes from. That it isn't in the instant gratification of likes or followers that bring me joy. That these rungs on the ladder are infinite and so there's no reason to shame myself for being where I am. That it's only when I can come home to myself and land in my body that I remember the highest why. I've felt less inclined to share as this year has been one of big life lessons for me. Ones that have left me feeling the need to remove and restore and, at times, feeling like I want to hide. I've had to learn about boundaries in a big way. how to honour myself, take ownership, how to give myself grace in the harshest of times. How to heal, how to trust, how to recognize my worth on my own + how to restore lost integrity. But most important, and still in the works—I'm learning that the highest act of love we can give to our hearts is to listen, accept, and then tell ourselves the truth. Without edits or filtering through our sets of beliefs. Without judgement or feeling shame for the experience we're having. Instead with sweetness and with tenderness. With respect and with love. With an unwavering trust that we're always right where we need to be.

What a gift to be able to see ourselves right where we are, meet ourselves there and then hold compassionate space for that. These are the building blocks to truth telling in our lives. To living a life in alignment with what's real for us rather than what's true or acceptable by another. I've lived a lot of my life doing things for validation and approval. Checking off all the boxes to ensure that everything looks a certain way on the outside. And to be honest, it's given me nothing but a momentary feeling of accomplishment followed by an emptiness from ignoring my heart's call. To live a life burdened by what other people think is torture. To accept and meet the sweet divinity within is freedom.  

So remember this medicine. Place your hands on your heart and remember; That there is absolutely no expression more necessary in this life, than that which is entirely you. 

You are safe

You are held.

You are perfect. 

You are free.

As you are. 


With love.